1. The Sharpie King #Batman #Art

    The Sharpie King #Batman #Art

  2. Portrait of an Assassin from Neil Huxley on Vimeo.

    Teaser for a personal project of mine that hopefully one day I get to finish.


    2014. FoxSports - “The Ultimate Fighter - Season 20”
    “Beauty in Strength” / Launch Spot and Toolkit.

    LUMBRE has entered the octagon with its debut project for FOX Sports USA. This is the 20th season of The Ultimate Fighter and this time the victorious fighter from a field of 16 women will also be crowned champion of the new straw weight division of the UFC. LUMBRE created the concept and design from inception to execution and FOX Sports is using these ideas for the off air as well. This includes a wrap of the 42nd Street Shuttle in New York City.
    We loved worked closely with the exceptional team at FOX Sports and had the pleasure of meeting them face-to-face when we flew to Las Vegas to film the fighters and coaches.

    And you can see what we did for the Off-Air, the Toolkit, making of and more here:


    FOX SPORTS Los Angeles
    EVP: Robert Gottlieb
    Creative VP: Blake Danforth
    SVP On-Air Promotions: Bill Battin
    Director/Creative Director: Steve Lewis
    Brand Director: Elizabeth Loucher
    Producer: Laura Miller

    Creative Director: Sergio Saleh

    Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo

    Art Director: Adriana Campos

    Account Manager: Jeff Keisel
    Concept design: Carla Dasso
    Art Director: José Cambariere

    Design: José Cambariere, Fede Dams
    Lead Animation: José Cambariere
3D Animation: José Cambariere, Mr. X, Darío Becher

    Animation and composition: Dario Becher, José Cambariere, Fede Dams
    Editing: Natalia Toth
    Keying and Color Grading: Edi Walger

  4. Epilepsy Awareness from Angie Jones on Vimeo.

  5. Jonny Gu Compositing Showreel 2013 Q3 from Jonny Gu on Vimeo.

    This is a compilation of work i have done as of March 2013
    Email: shuxiang.gu@gmail.com

    Music: The Naked & Famous - Punching In A Dream

  6. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Amy Adams & Henry Cavill from Cruel Films on Vimeo.

  7. Opening Titles “Lichtjahre” from Michael Fragstein on Vimeo.

    Director: Florian Knittel
    Opening Titles : Büro Achter April

  8. ANOMALY Teaser from Salomon on Vimeo.

    Directed by Salomon Ligthelm and Dan DiFelice, ‘ANOMALY’ is the story of broken relationships, and an astronomical event intertwining the various narrative threads.

    Filmed in NYC, Maine, Kansas, and Colorado, ‘ANOMALY’ is a short film set in the 1960’s, featuring Christian Cooke, Lexi Johnson, Andrew Sensenig, and Anthony Lopez. The film is currently in post production with an incredible team ——— and due for release in December 2014.

  9. MAN vs THE UNIVERSE :60 promo from Danny Yount on Vimeo.

    Designed and directed by Prodigal Pictures for SCI channel

  10. TYRANT main title from Danny Yount on Vimeo.

    Designed by Prodigal Pictures for FX Networks

  11. FxPro 2013 from Andrey Krasavin on Vimeo.

    Concept by Serkin serkin.tv
    For Freeger Digital freeger.com/

  12. Ikea, Beds Behind the Scenes from MPC on Vimeo.

    Watch the Behind the Scenes for the beautiful Ikea spot ‘Beds’ with the courageous actress hung from cranes and suspended over buildings during the 3-day shoot in Johannesburg.

  13. WSC MoTests 02wAudio from Perception on Vimeo.

  14. Futurama 3d (test shot) from seccovan on Vimeo.

    More at: behance.net/gallery/18362139/FUTURAMA-3D-part-1
    Music: Alan Silvestri - “Forrest Gump Suite” (fragment)
    Software: 3dsmax, Nuke, Photoshop, After Effects
    Tools : Multiscatter plugin, Ghost Town script, Poly FX script

  15. Retribution: Darkness Falls from Retribution Movie on Vimeo.

    Retribution is a Star Wars fan film written and directed by Georgia football player Chris Conley. Inifinite Productions and Spirit World Productions set out to create this epic film in November of 2013.

    Written and Directed by Chris Conley
    VFX by Grayson Holt